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Mid & Small Cap

As of December 31, 2019

AJO Universe Segment Inception Date Clients
AJO Mid Cap
Russell Midcap Index
mid 800 06/30/95 1 459
AJO Small Cap – Absolute Value
Russell 2500 Value Index
smallest 2,500 12/31/98 5 932

Our strategies aimed at value indices are dubbed “Absolute Value” to distinguish them from strategies aimed at broader benchmarks.

Mid Cap Fees
0.55% across the board

Small Cap Fees
0.60% across the board

Minimum initial investment is $25 million. AJO follows a most-favored-nation policy regarding fees: no fixed-fee client pays more than the lowest fixed fee charged for a similar mandate of the same size. Performance-based fees are also available — indeed, encouraged.

See portfolio characteristics here and performance here.