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AJO is an independent, registered investment adviser, founded in 1984. We use an active, value-oriented approach and a highly disciplined, quantitative process to build diversified, fully invested portfolios of U.S. and international equities for large, tax-exempt institutions.

We offer benchmark-relative and absolute-return strategies across all market caps. Our systematic process lets us set our sights on most any well-defined benchmark. We can vary tracking error or total volatility.

Sixty-eight clients  $13.3b
United States11.9
Large Cap8.3
Managed volatility1.6
Top cap0.9
Small cap0.7
All cap0.2
Emerging markets1.2
All cap0.8
Small cap0.3
Large cap<0.1
China A<0.1 
Small cap 0.2
Large cap<0.1
Managed volatility<0.1

We forge a partnership with our clients, and their consultants. Our goal is to provide exemplary client service. All of our clients are available as references (except those that wish to remain anonymous).

Assets are as of 5/31/20.